Operations subDAO Structure & People

The Operations subDAO has a primary governing legal entity which is the dYdX Operational Trust (DOT) formed under Guernsey law. Five trustees selected from the community are controlling the trust and an enforcer is making sure the trustees are acting in the interest of the community.

Trust documentation

[Redacted] DOT - Instrument of Continuation for Trustees245.4KB
[Redacted] DOT - Instrument of Continuation for Enforcer.pdf222.0KB
[Redacted] Trust Amendment - Law Provision.pdf8614.7KB
[Redacted] DOT - Trust Agreement.pdf1088.9KB
dYdX Operations Trust - Trust Instrument.pdf149.4KB

Core Contributors

The Operations subDAO currently has three core contributors in the following roles:

👨‍🚀Dimitar - Technical Project Manager👷‍♂️Valentin - Operations Lead