Josef Axisa (Immutable Lawyer)

Unlike Trustees, the Enforcer is not on the MultiSig. As they must remain impartial, they will not collaborate closely with the contributors and Trustees as they carry out their duties. Instead, they are required to bring a high standard for oversight and accountability to the Trust from both an operations and legal perspective. For this reason, we prioritized previous professional experience and expertise in these areas.

Experience in Trusts: 

Joseph has previous experience advising clients in relation to Trusts and Trust management and has conducted continuous research in relation to using Trusts as the legal back-end structure for DeFi Protocols. This has naturally led to him attaining a clear understanding of the responsibilities that this role brings.

Crypto legal experience: 

Joseph is currently a Senior Legal Analyst at BCAS; a crypto-focused regulatory consultancy firm currently providing a myriad of services targeting centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols within the industry. Joseph has an outstanding level of expertise that will allow him to make informed and accurate assessments of the extent to which Trustees are acting in accordance with their mandate and upholding transparency with regard to their activities and any potential conflicts of interest.

dYdX involvement: 

Joseph is a well-known, active and dedicated contributor to dYdX who we believe is well-placed to represent the voice and interests of the community within DOT.

Timezone: CEST / UTC+2