Chaos Labs LTD

Multisig experience: 

Chaos Labs has extensive experience with multi-sigs from their work across major DAOs.


Chaos Labs 2 is a well known economics security and risk management service provider that engages publicly with some of the largest DAOs in the space. Their reputation is directly tied to the services they provide.

Crypto operations and/or DAO experience: 

Chaos Labs’ customer base is primarily DAOs, providing services to major DAOs like Uniswap, Aave, Osmosis, BenQi, and GMX to name a few.

dYdX involvement: 

Chaos Labs has an extensive history contributing to dYdX through both the grants program, forum discussions, and proposals. Their most recent dYdX product was a parameter recommendation portal 1 which focuses on optimizing dYdX risk parameters.

Timezone: IDT / UTC+3