dydx OPS SubDAO Glossary

NameExplanationNoteUseful LinksTags
dYdX operational trust
the legal entity formed to wrap the dYdX operations subDAO
First iteration of the DOT
dYdX operations trust formed after the first community vote on 19.12.2022 with a 6 month mandate
Second term of the DOT
the community voted to extend the DOTs mandate and add to its responsibilities with an additional 18 month mandate starting from 19.06.2023
Operations subset of the dYdX DAO
A subset of the dYdX DAO, mandated by the dYdX community to setup DAO operations (communication channels) and the dYdX V4 product
the newest iteration of the dYdX product soon to be deployed
dYdX trading will open source a totally new version of dYdX migrating to a proprietary appchain built on the cosmos SDK
core infrastructure piece of the new dYdX V4
The indexer is comprised of
Frontend for the new dYdX V4 product
dYdX V4 is running on a proprietary appchain built on the cosmos SDK to enable the best trading experience for dYdX users
The start of the dYdX V4 appchain
the V4 Genesis event is the start of the dYdX V4 appchain
appchain validators
The validators are running the V4 appchain and coming to consens on new blocks
dYdX Operations Services Ltd.
Cayman exempted company controlled by the DOT