Total spent: USDC 58,974

Spending breakdown:


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In August we were able to onboard both the Technical Project Manager Dimitar as well as the Operations Lead Valentin as well as sign the contract with the Site Reliability Engineer together this accounts for more than half of the total expenses of the dYdX Operations subDAO. As finding good candidates for the SRE role was proving really difficult and the upcoming launch of V4 mainnet put us under time pressure we engaged a professional recruiting service and their charge for a successful hire was 28,800 USDC (Link to the Invoice_1 and Invoice_2).

Another notable cost this month was the ~6000 USDC fee for opening the BCB Bank Account for the dYdX Operations Trust.

Note: A full breakdown is available on this Google Sheet all the available invoices are available here but also linked to in the sheet at the respective line item

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