Out of Office Policy

in review
Valentin Prossliner
August 24, 2023
Policy / Process

Out of Office policy for DOT contributors ensuring the DOT is operational at all times

Out Of Office (OOO)

OOO means not available for calls, transaction signing or other duties - enabling the contributor to truly recharge.

dYdX Operations subDAO OOO Policy

The OOO policy outlines the process to communicate out of office time for contributors (trustees, enforcer and independent contractors)

Suggested OOO time

The dYdX Operations subDAO suggest that contributors should take up to 6 weeks per year of out of office time

OOO Conditions

The highest priority of the dYdX Operations subDAO is reliability and being operational ready at all times, therefore OOO time of individual contributors is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The notice OOO time is at least as long as the announced OOO time
  2. During the OOO time there is a replacement contact and ongoing duties are transferred to other contributors
  3. An emergency contact is provided to the replacement contact
  4. The OOO is not during high pressure / high stakes times for the dYdX Operations subDAO

Trustee OOO coordination

As trustees are also signers for the MultiSig and the dYdX Operations subDAO needs to be operational at all times, trustee OOO time needs to be coordinated accordingly. With the Contributor OOO Calendar the trustees can make sure that at least three of them are available for signing all the time.