Optimistic Procurement Process

in review
Valentin Prossliner
August 18, 2023
Policy / Process

An Optimistic Procurement Memo provides documentation of a spending decision of the DOT acquiring services or assets with either a low transaction value or a lack of viable alternative to the proposed service.


The Optimistic Procurement Process streamlines the decision process for smaller expenses (up to US$ 2,000.00) as well as opening the possibility to forgo the necessity of exploring at least three possible options if the proposed choice is without viable alternative.

With the Optimistic Procurement Memo the trustees will be notified of expenses qualifying for this process and they have 24h to object to the decision. If during these 24h there was no objection the decision is deemed accepted by all trustees and the purchase can be made.


  1. Publishing of Optimistic Procurement Memo → Template in operations slack channel
  2. 24 hour waiting period - time for the trustees to object to the decision
  3. If the waiting period has expired without any objection the decision is deemed accepted and the expense can be made

When does the OPM process apply?

  • Expenses below 2,000.00 USD
  • Expenses are well within original DOT 2.0 budget and mandate - OPM needs to reflect that
  • Services without viable alternatives - the standard three quotes procurement process is not reasonable in these cases
    • either lock in effect from having started with it
    • Industry best practice partners
    • Constrained by tech stack

Expenses approved via OPM

18082023 Notion Optimistic Procurement Memo.pdf33.5KB